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Current as of Oct 2013 -Recent projects cost and pricing:
*every project is job specific and the below may not reflect your situation-call us for a free estimate and consultation

Add a Bathroom to a Bedroom- $9750

We added a 3 piece shower-toilet-vanity to the main floor room of a bungalow where there was none:
-framed in the walls for a 60" x 55" room -2' door-angled corner
-cut in a potlight and ceiling fan
-cut in a roof vent for ceiling fan
-brought in 32" square 2 piece fibreglass shower and level-mounted it
-cut our drain holes for shower-cut out and installed toilet flange
-wet vented and installed vanity drain with a 2" vent to attic where we cut in roof flashing
-cut and installed shower unit with moen pressure balanced faucet valve and installed waterlines
-roughed in seperate electrical circuit for a wall plug-GFI plug- 2 dimmer switches for above vanity lighting and pot light- and seperate switch for ceiling fan-new breaker for panel installed
-drywall boarded and taped inside and out of new washroom-yes we drywall too
-hung 2' ft door and trim-cased the door and shower
-trimmed the shower with reverse casing
-raised vanity for taller customer and mounted it permanently-fitted new countertop
-cut countertop for vanity and installed an american standard seperate hot and cold operating faucet
-installed drain in shower- hooked up vanity drain-shower and toilet drains to vent and main stack in the basement
-hooked into existing waterlines and ran a soft water line to toilet-hard to vanity and shower
- cut in floor register and hooked a heating duct into existing system for heat to washroom
- no painting-customer primed at last drywall tape
-no flooring-no shower door
-completed in 7 working days

initial contract: $9750 plus extras

Extras: upgrade toilet-add a heat duct- trim-tile shower for a total of around $9900

Rough In of Basement Washroom drains-$1150

-brake cement floor and cut into existing main drain within 10' of this drain
-layout new 3 piece washroom for a toilet-sink -shower
-supply & install a-b-s pipe used to set up drain and venting
-recement piping and floor so framing can be done next
-completed in one day

New Basement Washroom-complete plumbing - $ 4600

-all plumbing including a vanity of your choice (cabinet or pedestal)
-included breaking cement ( see above )
-toilet-high end (not home depot quality) neo angle or square shower with shower doors
-moen faucets in shower and on vanity-see our plumbing fixtures we use
-all waterlines hooked up and functional
--all drain & vent pipes hooked up and functional
-within 10' of stack or a main drain or rough-in
-drywall & framing extra

Install new bathtub-faucet-drywall & tub surround -$1775

-customer took out existing tub-drywall and supplied new tub and surround
-we suppied new faucet-piping-waste and overflow-drywall -mud/tape
-we re did ABS drain piping
-soldered in a new moen pressure balance tub and shower faucet
-installed and leveled tub
-installed waste and overflow w chrome trim
-hooked up p-trap
-hooked up water lines
-drywalled above new tub with one coat-tape-3 coats above installed tub surround
-new corner beads and taped to paintable finish
- installed supplied 5 piece tub surround-not caulked
-all completed in one day
Supply & Install steel tub-take out old and do above - $2400
Above and Tile w supplied tile -$3150 (remember new faucet,drain & trim!)

Supply & Install new U-shaped laminate countertop - $1475

-measure up and bring approx 4 samples of what the customer was interested in
-countertop was approx 45"x130" x 48" on outside of u
-removed old countertop and took it away to dump
-undid current kitchen sink -drain and waterlines to faucet
-removed faucet and kitchen sink
-installed new countertop
-cut out new hole for existing sink-silicone caulked cutout for added waterproofing
-re-installed existing sink and faucet hooking up drains
-we did it all-no waiting for plumber to return or come the next day as is usual with coordinating the countertop people and a plumber
-all completed in half a day

some other plumbing costs and pricing

Stuff we use: Current materials priced in bath remodels


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