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Typical Toilet Flapper replacement:
toilet flapper removal replacement

1. Turn off the water supply and flush toilet to drain tank. Clean drain with a soft cloth. If you do not need the
built-in Adapter Ring (read note below), cut off at two areas marked “ÁCUT”.
2. Center the new flapper over the drain opening and attach to mounting ears. Flapper should open and close
without binding.
3. Connect flapper chain clip to hole in tank lever that provides the best lift. Chain should have slight slack when
in the closed position. Cut excess chain if necessary.
If there are no mounting ears on base of overflow pipe,
keep built-in Adapter Ring intact, and install as follows.
NOTE: If overflow pipe is brass, use steel wool or wet/dry
sandpaper to remove excess scale from pipe prior
to installation.
1. Position the ring portion over the top of overflow pipe.
2. Slide it all the way down the outside of the overflow pipe
until it contacts base of overflow pipe/flush valve.
3. Align the flapper with the center of flush seat so the unit
seats correctly and moves freely up and down.
toilet flapper removaltoilet flapper replacement

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