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How does a Water Softener work and What is hard water?

Many water supplies contain dissolved hardness
minerals, calcium and magnesium. These
minerals build up as scale inside your kettle,
water heater, plumbing fixtures and appliances,
reducing their efficiency and leading to major
repairs. The minerals also react with soap to form
a scum or curd which appears as bathtub ring.
This curd greys and stiffens your laundry, leaves
your hair dull and your skin itchy.
Hard water costs you money. It’s more than an
inconvenience, it’s like having a sneak thief in
your home stealing your hard-earned money. Here is our water softeners

Conditioned water benefits-Water Softener Benefits

Soft water provides many benefits . . .
• Brighter, softer laundry
• Sparkling glassware and dishes
• Easier household cleaning
• Cleaner, shinier hair
• Smooth shaving
In addition, soft water saves you money. You can
reduce expenditures on cleaning products and
conditioners. Clothing and linens last longer and
your expensive appliances and plumbing are
protected against scale. See our water softener page

How Water Softeners Work

Water softeners contain a bed of ion exchange
resin beads. As water passes through the bed,
calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals,
are removed and held by the resin.
Eventually the resin beads become saturated
with hardness minerals and must be cleaned and
regenerated. A brine solution is drawn in to the
resin bed to release the accumulated minerals.
This process is called ion exchange.
After the minerals and brine are rinsed away with
fresh water, the regenerated resin is ready to
soften water again. Do you want a water softener ?

How to size a water softener

Metermatic SE Softener

The Metermatic SE softener combines a
simplified electronic control with a solid state
microprocessor which monitors your water use,
regenerating only when a preset volume of water
has been used.

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