How much does it cost to install a new Water Service to the House

We replace or install new Watermain-Water Supply Service- lead water service replacementfill out our online form that is sent to all of our phones

Full excavation and rough backfill*- Torpedo available- but excavation still needed for hookup 
3/4″ new waterline-water line from water stop-waterstop to foundation-poly municipal 200 cts or copper-1″ available on request 
4.5′ deep*
access foundation of the house
New House shut off and install to meter (at outside wall-add extra if not on an outside wall)-so you have working water! 

 Email us for a quote *- we will need full address-we travel throughout Ontario 

* also-rough backfill only with existing soils with the possibility of sidewalks and driveway needing to be excavated – Removal of Cement extra-Chipper/breaker extra for frost or cement-excavation vac truck extra if gas line obstructions-which can be determined on-site visit and locates. Deeper than 5′ means safety measures that cost more and are passed on to the customer 

*We will arrange locates -sometimes this needs a week or more to occur-We can arrange or if essential service needed-emergency situation-Can be done within 2 hrs with equipment onsite 

*Your water line to the house or water main or mainline service repair -replacement is usually done in one day-so call and book your free estimate at 519-588-1970 – we travel southwestern Ontario including Toronto- kitchener-waterloo-Cambridge-Hamilton-Guelph-London-Woodstock-up to Lake Huron area residence. Send us your complete address and details here and we can give you a quote.


Call 519-588-1970 or fill out this contact form that goes to all our phones for free estimate
*Insured, guaranteed, you know the price up front -Call for your free estimate

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