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Company/Link we use:
Blank Contract plumberforhire contract Our Interactive pdf contract that can be filled out onsite
Plumbing pricing Pricing on some plumbing jobs Some of our specials
Products we currently use our stuff see pictures of the stuff we currently use
Main water line- replace Main Water Service replace the water line at front of home to street shut off
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Videos & Ideas Bath remodel ideas -ideas on some bath renovations & remodelling

Toilet Performances

some Toilet performances a Study showing best clearing toilets

Water Calculator

Water use Calculation. Find out how much you can save

Toilet Rebates

Toilet replacement program Rebates Participating muncipalities offering toilet performance program rebates-scroll down to find.

Consumer Protection


Tankless Hotwater heaters

Tankless Water Heaters Tankless Hot water heaters that meet eco energy rebates .
Get an energy audit get an energy audit get started towards an energy audit

Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR)

List of qualified drain water heat recovery systems List of qualified drain water heat recovery systems

region of waterloo toilet replacement progam

Guelph Toilet Rebate

region of waterloo toilet rebate repalcement program

City of Guelph's Rebate Program

kitchener waterloo cambridge and townships toilet replacement rebate program : approved toilets ;

Residential Application for Toilet REBATE -ROW (Reg of Waterloo); Guelph's is here

Example of peel eligible toilets

Approved-eligible toilet replacement rebate program List of peels toilet replacement program eligible toilets for rebate
do-it-yourself plumbing and FAQ's common plumbing problems and their solutions a list of common plumbing issues and their possible solutions-links to forum asnswers

remove your old toilet- how to replace a toilet -removing a toilet

how to replace a toilet -removing a toilet how to replace-remove your old toilet -removing a toilet
Toilet Information knowledge of a toilet

how a toilet leaks-how a toilet flushes or works--testing for leaks-anti-siphonage-low flow-back flow
toilet flapper valve replacement instructions

toilet fill vavle installation instructions

Ontario Plumbing inspectors association technical plumbing questions answered venting-fire stopping-drainage-49c-potable water-fixture-piping questions answered
Ontario Building Code -plumbing part 7

plumbing code -start to 7.2

sec 7.3 , sec 7.4, sec 7.5 & sec 7.6,7.7

a Plumbers required guideline on installing plumbing-part 7 of the ontario building code
rest of building code
Ontario Building Code Act -2006-o.reg. 350/06 Building Code Act 2006 ont reg 350/06 online version Purchase codes here
On-site Sewage-Septic Systems On-site Sewage-Septic Systems Septic-Sewage system information-proposed changes
How to hire a plumber how to hire a plumber what all contractors should offer
Utility-Sump-Sewage-well Pumps

Well sump sewage and utility pumps

Wet basement solutions

here is a page of different pump options

besides sump pumps-here is a list of other solutions

sewage pump installation sewage pump installation instructions on sewage pump install
steambath-steambathing-steam-shower-steamshower steambath steamshower info so you want to have steam room -steam bath-shower?

how to install a toilet -install a toilet

how to install a toilet -install a toilet how to install a toilet -install a toilet

Water softeners

WaterGroup water softeners soft-hard water treatment

Reverse Osmosis

WaterGroup reverse osmosis Water Cleaning equipment including distillers, UV, Filters etc ; our special on reverse osmosis system

Taps & faucets

Moen-Shower Faucet
(pictures of what we use)

Faucets-Shower vanity kitchen-

Moen Catalogue


sump pumps sewage Sewage, Wells, & Sump Pumps

Toilets we use:

Gerber Viper Toilet
Mansfield toilet
Colony Toilet
Our main toilets we use. We can use and get any others also-but these are what we have had success with.Top clearing toilets at the normal prices!

Barrier-free Showers:

Maax barrier free shower and tubs barrier free showers and tubs for seniors

Shower- Walls and Bases & Bathtubs we use:

Maxx bathtubs-showers-click on menu in red for your desired product

Mirolin shower and bath tubs

Bath tubs-Showers- bases, neo angle showers, fiberglass or acrylic



Counterfeit Products from e.g. China

Certification standards body

Paper from CSA and what to watch out for.

Laminate Counters

laminate counter countertop kw countertop-Excellent countertop people and providers
Mortgage Calculator Mortgage calculator from mls  
Other Math Calculators other calculators basic, affordability, savings, %, rent vs buy etc.
Washroom Renovations   some of the products we use
Maximum Contracting contracting company info our subsidiary company for other renovations
On1Call-locates On1Call-locates locates before digging -also hydro-cable
Trades skilled & other trades to get into Ontario futures website of all occupations and their empoyment prospects


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How you heard of us One question survey to help us with our advertising

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Our Feedback Form 3 questions
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Our Business Card Pdf Card Ai Card Our current plumbing business card otherresources
Copy of plumber logo Ai version  

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