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Pricing-Plumbing-Plumber-Price-Prices and costs:

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Price* taxes extra ; certain conditions apply

Reverse Osmosis System price-pricing

$595 * click on link on left for details

Sump Pump Replacement price-pricing



Install Sump Pit price

$2375 * includes sump pump & hook-up

Watermain- Water Service replacement price-pricing

$3450 and up* includes rough excavating -torpedo extra

Main Sewer is more (deeper) -get a free quote here and be sure to put address in form

R & R Sink price-pricing-replacement

$225 *installation only-you supply sink or we can -extra

Toilet installation price

approx $395 supply & install.$185 install only

Install Dishwasher price-pricing -cost

$295* Existing services are there i.e. electrical etc

Install Watersoftener price

$590* typical -softener supplied by owner

Install Hotwater heater price cost

$890 * typical labour and typical parts only; Vent replacement extra;- HWT thermostatic vavle parts extra -usually another $135 and up;removal to drive only-disposal extra

galvanized whole home pipe replacement cost- price-pricing

$1700-4900*;Whole home-We have done as litlle as $1700 but as much as $4900 labor and material

Price Cost to replace Cast iron main plumbing stack repair replacement price

$1900-$3900*; We have donecast iron plumbing main stack replacement on average from $1900 and up for plumbing only- depends on layout of existing home -labour and material included-we do drywall repairs in certain situations but certain plaster or drywall needs to be removed before arrival

Price Cost to Gut and Reno typical washroom -remodel price-pricing

R & R typical 3 Piece washroom with Tub, sink, toilet-re-tile, drywall repair, fan, ,new vanity cabinetry but please let us price specifically (i.e let us see the washroom) -as low as $4400 to $27,000. ... see some example costs and pricing of current projects

New Home Construction plumbing price-pricing

Call 519-588-1970 for specific pricing -K-W franchise are looking to work with one builder at this time-contact us here

Hourly price-rate*

$80/hr plus travel time and material & organization time;$49/hr labourer

*adjusted accordingly/as needed -first hour is time and half

Toilet replacement-replace

$395 taxes extra; water efficient-saving toilet -clearing effecient also;all necessary parts,toilet tank and bowl only-we use old seat or can provide new (extra);

price cost to Install toilet

$185* toilet supplied by owner

price cost to Install faucet

$170 plus HST

* Kw-waterloo region area only-other areas add .55/km/trip; May require repricing on inspection of situation; Hourly rate of $49/hr/other person/s above and beyond pricing for extra's/deteroriorated or unexpected/unknown situations. Free estimate initially.

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*Insured, guaranteed, you know the price up front -Call for your free estimate

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