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Reverse Osmosis System Special

Novatek® 1240 Series II Four-Stage
Reverse Osmosis Systems

plus tax 4VTC75G

This model produces great tasting drinking water utilizing separate dedicated sediment and carbon pre-filters, allowing for longer run time between cartridge changes.

Model feature:
• High quality reverse osmosis membrane
• Choice of 25, 50 and 75 gallons per day-but priced is the 75 gallons/day!
• Sediment pre-filtration
• Pre & post carbon block filtration
• Quick connect fittings
• 3/8” tubing from RO to tank and faucet for higher flow
• Color coded tubing for ease of installation
• Chrome faucet
• Storage tank-14.4 litre (3.8 U.S. gallon)
-this is NOT an economy model (which this manufacturer also supplies....)

$ 485.00 plus tax

Normal Installation Fee if requested: $ 395.00 (under sink)

With the quality of our drinking water increasingly coming under question, people are now looking for alternative sources of quality water. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems provide the most convenient and economical solution. Neatly stored under the counter, the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System provides you with clean and delicious water right from its own dedicated tap.

Bottled water quality - conveniently - at a fraction of the cost!

All systems include 3/8”outlet tubing for higher flows, thin film composite (TFC) membranes, quick connect fittings for easy installation and servicing, heavy duty powder coated bracket, stainless steel product water check valve, automatic shut-off valve, 14.4 litre (3.8 U.S. gallon) storage tank and under counter installation kit.

4VTFC75G-PB (Push button monitor to check/remind of filter change)- $585.00 is also available

General Information on Reverse osmosis

Cross Reference Filters-Membranes for Reverse Osmosis

*Insured, guaranteed, you know the price up front -Call for your free estimate

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