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On-site Sewage System-Septic systems in Ontario

Get a free quote - we provide supply,installation and/or septic repair of conventional in ground fill based raised leaching beds- filter bed systems - shallow buried systems to advanced waste treatment sytem-systems-which are alternative treatment systems designed as "Treatment Units" other than septic tanks and produce either secondary or tertiary quality effluent -

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Guide to know your septic system

Guide to operating your septic system

Guide to Septic Maintenance

Syllabus for installer test (PDF form of on-site sewage systems syllabus)

Ministry of Municipal affars and Housing -all syllubus-syllabi-backgrounder

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Building Code Act 2006 ont reg 350/06

Part 8 on-site sewage septic systems

Part 7 -plumbing code in Ontario

Alternative Septic Systems

rural wastewater-university of guelph

Codes and guides-purchase

Proposed changes to sewage systems

Ont Reg 503/09 -the latest changes (pdf of sec 7 & 8 only)

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