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Steam Shower for Steambathing/steam-bathing

MS4LS/RS - Steam Shower includes one-piece shower stall with seat left or right hand plumbing. Specify white or bone grab bar. Package includes fully enclosed tempered glass door, 4kW steam generator, digital control and steam nozzle. Digital control and steam available in Silver trim only. We can install-Installation extra. (48"Wx 88" H x 33.5" D)-available in one piece or 3 piece for hard to get in areas.

steam shower

Steambathing in the privacy of your home - bring the spa experience into your home with the pleasures of steam. Transform your shower or tub enlcosure into a luxurious private steam room.

Benefits of a Steam Shower:

  • Helps relieve tired muscles as warmth penetrates your body from head to toe
  • Moist warmth opens the pores leaving your skin softer and more supple
  • Natural perspiration during steam-bathing may remove impurities from the body
  • Improved breathing and a sense of cleanliness contribute to a feeling of wellness
  • Add aromatherapy oils to enhance your steambathing experience
  • After steambathing, a cold shower will leave you refreshed, revitalized and ready for an active day
  • A hot shower after steambathing or steam shower will encourage a good night's sleep
  • Feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation are being enjoyed by thousands, helping the cares and worries of the day drift away.....every day.

Important Steam-shower-bath Design and Installation Consideration:

  • The steamroom should be completely enclosed and insulated, constructed of tile, marble or nonporous materials and equipped with a gasketed shower door and floor drain
  • The steam generator can be installed in closet, vanity or in a heated attic or basement, up to 25 feet from the steam room
  • Windows that are part of the steam room should be double insulated
  • Slope ceiling to direct condensate away from bather
  • Anti-skid strips or equal should be provided on a steamroom floor to prevent slipping
  • Try to limit steamroom-steamshower ceiling height to 8 feet-exceeding 8 feet may require a higher rated steam generator
  • Seating should be slightly sloped and built-in for bather comfort
  • only vapor sealed lighting fixtures approved for the application should be used
  • plumbing connections include a water line to the unit, a steam line from the unit to the steamroom and a drain line
  • the steam head should be located approximately 6-12 inches from the floor on the opposite wall from the seating area and away from the steam bathers
  • Household electric power is required to operate the generator-all in shower controls operate on low voltage
  • The optimal location of the in-shower control is inside the steamroom-steamshower 4-5 feet above the floor convenient to the bather and away from the direct steam flow
  • steam room construction diagram:

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