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1.Sump Pump replacement only

-4/10 hp -$395 plus HST (supply & install pump -3yr manufacturers warranty) -4/10 Hp does approx 2800 gph while 1/3 Hp does approx 3100 gph-we can also get 1/2 (approx. 3600 gph) & 3/4 Hp (approx 5000 gph)*-some more Sump info

2. Install Sump Pit and Pump-retofit-renovation-french drain

Break concrete in basement
Dig out sump pit hole
Supply and install sealed Sump pit-re-cemented into existing floor
French Drain of 1'-10' of 4" o-pipe trenched and recemented
Supply & Install at least 1/4 hp sump pump*
Supply & Install drain piping to discharge sump water
$1975 plus HST

*Electrical receptacle needed/extra/can be installed;Pit to collect water in area-approx 1'-6'weeping tile/opening to sump pit made;no "O" pipe installed on outside of foundation-this is a seperately priced renovation

Add 10 feet of O- pipe-french drain along one wall in floor-re cement $900/ 10 feet-first 10 feet included in $1975 price-if greater than 10' eg 20' for details

*one-three year manufacturers warranty-*we use several manufacturers and will recommend and install the sump effluent or sewage ejector pump that is right for you-understand that a pump is a mechanical item which can break down and needs to be replaced so regular maintenance and checking is required

*Insured, guaranteed, you know the price up front -Call for your free estimate

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