Waterloo Water Line-Service

We Replace or install new Watermain-main water line-Water Supply Service in Waterloo and surrounding area- lead waterline water line service in Waterloo or otherwise.

main water line to home

Here is what we do: Full excavation and rough backfill*- Torpedo available- but excavation still needed for hookup
3/4″ new waterline-water line from water stop to foundation-poly municipal 200 cts or copper-1″ available on request
4.5′ deep*
access foundation of the house
New House shut off and install to the meter (at outside wall-add extra if not on an outside wall)-so you have working water!

 Email us for a quote *- we will need full address-we travel throughout Ontario

* based on rough backfill only with existing soils with the possibility of sidewalks and driveway needing to be excavated.  Deeper than 5′ means safety measures that cost more and are passed on to the customer

*We will arrange locates -sometimes this needs a week or more to occur-We can arrange or if essential service needed-emergency situation-Can be done within 2 hrs with equipment onsite

* call and book your free estimate at 519-588-1970 – waterline water line or water service repair or replacement-we travel southwestern Ontario including Toronto- Kitchener-waterloo-Cambridge-Hamilton-Brampton-Mississauga-Milton-Oakville-Guelph-London-Woodstock-up to Lake Huron area residence. Send us your complete address and details here and we can give you a quote.

*Insured, guaranteed, you know the price upfront -Call for your free estimate

 or fill out this form that goes straight to our phones:

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